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locations will climb into the low 90s. coming up ahead will look at what's coming up for the weekend. >> there's a pretty good size backup at the bay bridge toll plaza west downward slope telling whether the approach is at 8580 or even the nimitz freeway. around the east bay moderate to heavy conditions on 80 westbound. there is some slowing in to 80 and 87 along with 1 01. the no. they ride is still pretty light. >> 8 no. 8 middle school teacher has been arrested for suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. he was arrested at his albany home yesterday morning. he has been a teacher and a coach for several years. he is being held on $100,000 bail. police are act asking the
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public to come forward with any possible victims. >> in the wake of an attempted kidnapping that hurled happened earlier this month. there is a meeting yesterday with the police and many parents are saying they were outraged over what happened. a nine year-old girl was groped by a man inside the gross rest room. he tried to drive her away. she was able to get away by kicking him and running. he is in custody now. parents are angry that they did not find out about this until later that night. >> why did not quite didn't they lock down the school? >> it happened at 245 and it 7:00 and we as parents are just now being alerted? this is disturbing it should not have happened. >> they should not have waited to do something to go into action until someone
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almost got objective here. >> emergency notification procedures are being changed and improved. new security measures such as gates being locked that were formally left open. i.d. badges will now be required for all visitors. >> turner elementary school in any act and not antioch had a student bring a gun to school. we're trying to contact school officials but we have been unable to get a response. >> there is a high-speed chase involving three robbery suspects and sam and cisco. it started on steiner street when a robber stow a woman's backpack with an eye pot inside. he met up with two others it ended in
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a crash with the brief flying. a child was injured. >> it was heartbreaking to see this go on the cusp community. my son loves to play out here this is heartbreaking. >> two of the robbery suspects and two bystanders were hurt including that child. they were all taken to the hospital. >> the nfl is reviewing the referees. nfl referees will be back on the field tonight. after two straight days of negotiations with the owners the rest will be paid $149,000 this year. it
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will escalate over the years. most people would argue that these graphs are worth it. the big sticking point in these negotiations was actually not the pay it was the retirement package. they finally found an agreement where they will go from pensions and face them into 401k. the agreement still has to be approved by the refs will be back on the field tonight. >> san francisco police with riot gear on moved in with a dozen protesters that have been demonstrating at a building on market street for weeks. the occupiers knew it was coming. >> police officers are still here to make sure that the occupiers don't return to the federal building.
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helping them out as a sense that you're looking at. they claim they need this area to do construction work but we still see people jogging past this area. around midnight police decided to move and after giving the occupiers days if not weeks of warning going through the area passing out fliers that you cannot sleep on the sidewalk or pitch tents. why they decided to move in at this particular time is uncertain but the fact is they move been arrested approximately 40 protesters. according to the processors it was more of a catch and release because once they were processed they were allowed to return to the area. many of them are still across the street. they say this is far from over and they believe what they the police officers did was illegal. they have the right to lie on the ground. nonetheless you can see them here and if they can't do it here they will do some other place in san francisco. will
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tran kron4 news >> the university of california has agreed to pay nearly a million dollars and apologize to sell a lawsuit over this incident. the pepper spray debacle from last year. $30,000 reward will be paid to the plaintiffs in the case as well as a letter of apology that will be drafted by the chancellor. there will be extra cash set-aside for anyone interested or who sprayed in the protest. that still needs to be proved in court. >> the dow was up 18 points at 13,00431. we'll be back with more news weather and traffic in just a few minutes. that's a live look at downtown walnut creek right now. we're expecting warmer tenters especially and areas and the east bay
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world leaders and you new york with the united nations. protests outside the u.s. and with the iranian president addressing the united nations. the u.s. delegation did not attend because they said the president is spreading
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variou theories. president obama said that we will do everything to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon. he is currently holed up in the ecuadorean council met in london carious seeking to avoid extradition to sweden to be processed for sex crimes. ecuador is granting him asylum if he steps outside he will be arrested. he fears we then will turn him over to the united states for releasing classified documents. >> the fda says the contended peanut butter has let it led it to a multistate outbreak of salmonella. trader joe's of
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valencia creamy soft peanut butter was the first to be recalled by manufacturers last week. nearly 30 people reported salmonella contamination and several states. recall has been expanded to recall all of its almond butter as well as peanut butter products. if you have any products in your kitchen either throw it out or return it. >> we'll be back in just a few minutes here is a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it has not been golden all week but later in the afternoon is always golden all week but later in the afternoon is always looki[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪ for the first time in years a san francisco resident has contracted the west nile virus. is an unidentified man they know that he did leave the city limits before he got six so sampras's the department of health is not sure if he contracted the virus here in san francisco or somewhere else in the bay area. they say he didn't develop encephalitis or swelling of the brain and now he is recovering at home. california health officials had tested several workers at the california national park to see if they were exposed to the deadly mouse born hanta virus. most
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people that spent time at the park this year have been infected with the virus. most of them say the signature tent cabins and curry village. three of those people have died. the workers submitted to voluntary testing and have been told not to discuss the outcome of those tests. doctors are being warned of a doctor of the virus related to saar's. the virus is behaving like stars and it killed many in 2003. this new crop of virus was found in a critically ill man being treated in london also in saudi arabia. that man died several months ago. the world health organization says the man may have been directed in fact in fact directly by animals. there is not a high chance of this spreading from human to human. >> courtesy of an asset this say this is the deepest you of the interest but that has
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been captured. amazing stuff here this is the extreme deep field this image that you're saying is about 5500 galaxies. some of them dating back as far as 232 billion years. that's pretty close to the big bang. the hubble space telescope took several pictures over 10 years and that is how they got such incredible resolution. they said that as the deepest image of this guy ever obtained and is only a fraction of what is actually out there. hundreds of billions of galaxies are still left undiscovered. >> is now time for weather and traffic. >> we're looking at what very well might be a hot spot on highway 24 west word from the caldecott tunnel along the crochet freeway here. there was an
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accident and the maze reported eastbound but it turned out to be in the westbound direction. it is no longer blocking traffic but it did back up the ride. there is slow going through rock ridge in the berkeley and into emeryville oakland. the drive time is only about 22 minutes coming from children's hospital so better than might otherwise be. the bay bridge westbound ride is a good size backup especially for 880 and that approach to the span. the san mateo bridge right is still doing pretty well that's about the oven to 12 minutes. that is better them what we have seen the last couple of weeks. the golden gate bridge there's an easy ride here through the fall on the one on one southbound. we've been getting promises of higher temperatures coming let's check in with area aircraft.
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>> today is certainly the data dress in layers a handful of locations sitting in the mid to upper 40's. heading into the afternoon we will see sunshine and blue skies and yes we did promise warmer weather along the way and that will start today. before we get their visibility is down to almost zero in napa and santa rosa. less than a mile along the coastline on highway one. we have some pretty thick fog out there delays at sfo are averaging 77 minutes. by lunchtime 64 on the coast line for a mild conditions there. it will warm things up in the east bay '70s and '80s we can see in napa and santa rosa as well. afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. we start to see much more and the way of
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orange and with that we introduce their red indicating where we can see those '90s. your afternoon highs 78 in mountain view 82 in cupertino another day of the upper 80s for concord water creek mid-70s for castro valley. antioch coming in at 90 degrees 69 for san francisco and 79% or fell. the seven day around the bay forecast pretty warm conditions. mid-90s by the weekend and sundays the upper 60s around the coast. monday could actually be the warmest day of the week. >> american airlines says nearly 1600 san transport employees have been sent an early retirement offer. the carrier is restructuring after they file for bankruptcy in november.
7:20 am
they're still working over negotiations with its pilots' unions over contracts. flights of been delayed since september 16th. pilots have been calling in sick or fighting men in its request. to >> a 16 year-old is that in california after doing a really stupid thing. they saw this thing on to you to call the pass out game and he thought he would give it a try. this teenager into the best and died in a freak accident but still this kind of thing can happen if you do this. this is what is on you to and this is what kids are doing. they pass out and in this case the child that did it he landed on glass and it slashed his throat. he lost his consciousness and friends and family tried to help him before the paramedics got there. the police are warning you to keep your eyes on your teenagers and tell your teenagers about the day and a dangerous of making yourself pass out.
7:21 am
>> talk to your kids. we're gonna take a break it is 7:21 a.m. there is a lot of fog over samaras cisco and we're keeping an eye on that. we'll give you more of an idea for the weather for the rest of the afternoon hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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reduces the use of standardized tests. this measure requires the state superintendent to develop other ways to measure student achievement liked subjects mastery and graduation rates and technical skills. >> governor jerry brown has signed a bill into law that makes it illegal to use dogs to hunt about cats. the general hunting of bears in bobcats will no longer be allowed. the pacific sea turtle... they're only about 2000 nesting females left. there all along the west coast and they can grow to about 8 ft. long and weigh as much as three grand pianos.
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>> one bay area city has been named as the best city in america san francisco. the number one spot san francisco because they view we have the best blend of entertainment and education , clear air and a prosperous economic base. the top five were in seattle at no. 2 washington dc boston and in portland oregon. caffeine in coffee lovers that are going to love this a free cup of joe coming away. saturday is national coffee lovers day places like mcdonald's crispy cream and 7-eleven are offering free coffee for anyone the stops by on saturday coffee day. they're also the coffee they giveaways tomorrow as well. 40 billion c. of coffee are consumed each year. i guess a lot people enjoy it.
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729 am right now there few cars in walnut creek and lots of sunshine. the crate is one of the places for uc
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some nice warm temperatures as we go into the real what that will hit this weekend. >> the drive from walnut creek to macarthur mazed there has been an accident and amazed westbound highway 24 actually on 580 just past 24. it began to back up the traffic the crash is gone now but what we're left with is a really slow ride coming with slow traffic beginning to build in lafayett the drive time from walnut creek out to 51st and the west from ride into rock ridge is 26 minutes. a really slow commute here this morning this is the second day in a row that we've seen really big delays on highway 24. >> and the fog is certainly back with a vengeance as widespread all over the area. one reconditions we will actually see some nineties. klaus a return their temperatures and of '60s and '70s warmer
7:30 am
temperatures as we head into tomorrow afternoon. more coming up in just a bit. >> and all but a middle school teacher is behind walls that bars this morning accused of lewd acts on a minor. will tran is here to tell us what happened. >> he was arrested wednesday at his home in albany apparently is a big part of the school here. he has been here since 2008. not only as the not only does it teach classes but he is an athletic director or coach as well. letters were sent to the parents yesterday telling them but we know this is shocking to the community and that is why we plan that the meeting at 5:00 this evening. people need to have questions answered about what happened. at this point we don't know if this 14 year- old child is or was one of his students or was something unrelated to the school. we called the police department but we're still
7:31 am
waiting to hear back from the detectives working on the case. for now even if he makes bail which is a hundred thousand dollars he has been placed on administrative leave by the school district. he will not be returning to the school until they do a thorough investigation. students as well as parents are riding right now and they'll be getting any reactions over the next couple minutes. we do we will get you a live report. >> we'll check back with you. >> of the teenage driver that hit and killed a father with his suvs pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter. 17 year-old david rosen now faces charges of a felony killing 40 year-old selling and mary in his nine year- old daughter. they were riding their bicycles along the sidewalk when rose and loss control of his vehicle and slammed into the family. investigators say he was driving about 7 mi. per hour at the time. sentencing is
7:32 am
scheduled for next month. because rose and was charged as a minor he will likely only served three years behind bars. meanwhile mrs. murray say her life will never be the same now that she's lost her husband and her daughter. the senator to you on cnn kron4. >> i will never hold my little girl again. i will never.... cook her favorite meal for her. i will never watch your favorite movie with her. her favorite book i've never read it with her. i will never never take care of her after-school again. i've also lost my best friend my husband was my friend for 15 years. i never had a bad day with him. he was my prince charming he was my best friend he was my
7:33 am
hero we did everything together. >> she said she and her daughter had to go to the graveyard every day to pay their respects. she says next month will be very hard for her because october 1st as her husband's birthday. >> there is a growing problem of prostitution and there is a rally about it. at first and oak street south of the conviction center. leaders say san jose police forces outside and looking at other ways to curb prostitution. >> and letting your boy shot and the chest last week as he slept in his bed is finally out of his by the hospital. the least the way as was brought out in that wheelchair you can see him there he spent nearly a week undergoing treatment. he was hit by a stray bullet last thursday just before 1 in the morning. he was in his family's home and making at the time. 16 boats were
7:34 am
fired into that house and the boy's family says they are afraid to go back. >> everybody's scared that it's going happen again. my daughter and my other sons cannot go to sleep at night because they're afraid. >> this all happened at the same time and i'm mad because i want to find out i'm trying to get a house but it's not possible right now. >> and legacy to my sister's room today because note boatsman in her room >> he and i will share my room with him. >> police will have to live with that bullet lodged in his liver for the rest of his life. they said he will be fine in the estimated six weeks he will be running and jumping again. >> wall street checking the markets the dollar averaged up 20 points and we have
7:35 am
news of dropping pending home sales. disappointing news for the month of august. campbell soup is closing two plants in the bay area. they will be eliminating 700 jobs in sacramento. the sacramento plant is supposed to be closed by july of next year. >> 7:36 a.m. and we'll be back with more and a couple of minutes on the cusp of a big warmup but we have to get through some fault first especially here at the golden gate bridge. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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let's bring you up to speed with decision 2012 mitt romney is struggling in ohio. president obama has a clear lead and i was the opinion polls. it has
7:39 am
prompted some grumbling among some people who are saying that.... this expose that it does have could be pivotal pivotal if the race is close. the first presidential debate is coming up next wednesday in denver at 6:00 wednesday night. we will air the entire debate without interruption on our 247 news channel. comcast channel 123. >> at 7:40 a.m. will be back in just a few minutes whether it's going to be a big story as soon as you see how hot it's gonna get friday and saturday. we wait to get to the fog first here in san francisco
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top stories that were falling here at 7:43 a.m. san francisco police moved in on the legal occupying encampment in front of market street overnight. they detained over 40 people. they said they moved in because there's damage done to the sidewalk and they needed to get some work done and needed to get the protesters out of there to do it. there is a high-speed
7:43 am
chase that started on synar street with one of the suspects ripping the backpack off of a woman in jumping into an st and driving off with two others inside. the chase ended with crashing into several other vehicles. the nfl lockout is there reach a deal late last night. the deal adds pay raises for the rest on hundred and $49,000 this year and hundred and $73,000 next year. the rats will be back on the field as soon as tonight. >> highway today's in a row we've seen a bit behind schedule commute the ride from walnut creek toward oaklanand the macarthur bay. there was an accident in the maze that backed up and ride getting to the bridge itself is not the problem the accident has been cleared in 580 west and has cleared out but was down
7:44 am
24 is still behind schedule. and when a bomb that up to about 28 minutes from walnut creek getting into rock ridge from the westbound 24 ride. the bay bridge back up is a big one make no mistake about that is about a 20 minute drive time coming from the nimitz freeway. hear from interstate 80 about 20 to your not really going to catch a break and your approach to the bridge this morning. sometimes the route to it can make a difference. the ride to the san mateo bridge is still doing pretty well is a little more crowded out there with brought drive time testate fairly low. we have not seen despite today that we've seen over the last couple of weeks but we're still waiting to see how this committee will shake out. the currently the drive time is 13 minutes. the 1 01 south on a silky smooth commute and the drive time from iran is about 25 minutes to the golden gate bridge. >> let's take a look at
7:45 am
conditions former rubicam in downtown san francisco. it is chilly up there and there's a lot of fog to contend with. visibility is at 04 santa rosa down 2 1/2 miles for half moon bay. the fog is relatively dense and will stick with us throughout the morning. because of a low cloud cover we have issues with arriving flights at s f o averaging 77 minutes. during the afternoon the fog will clear up and lunch time shows '60s and '70s and '80s for some of your warmer and areas. afternoon highs by 3:00 p.m. some of the red appears on the screen indicating where we will see the '90s. the heat is on and one begins today with 80 degrees in sunnyvale 82 in cupertino and 90's and livermore and antioch at 75 in castro valley. no. today we have a majority of the fog up there with sunshine into the afternoon. 83 degrees on tap
7:46 am
for napa antique 82 furred santa rosa and san francisco coming in pretty close to the 70 degree mark. the giants game the pitches at 1245 with temperatures and below the mid-60s. the extended forecast looks like we'll really warm things up transitioning into the weekend. >> sell the rest will be back tonight with the browns and the ravens when they play tonight. >> i can't wait to watch the game there'll be no complaints from may. >> i was gonna say i can't wait to see the coaches complain about the horrible cost and the regular raffs >> this will be one game anywhere will want everyone keeps quiet. to have the same games that come back don't tell anybody and see if anybody complains >> of course they always complain >> we will have the regular rest and it was fun to see
7:47 am
in good to see after they said the pressure didn't matter that obviously the pressure did matter and that they came to an agreement over this one compares patents when it compares stood the nfl >> if you really wanna get something done close the doors they met 17 hours and they hammered out. >> also we have golden state finally coming out and admitting that he made a fall on that winning play >> because he got called a liar and of >> and now he's being called a jeter because he said the attacker before he made that catch game so many people say that the the announcer goes too long the outsider reporter goes to it now did you push a guy in the back and he said i don't know what your talking about it look like you to push a guy and a back
7:48 am
out of notre talking about so there ido >> is that it be a cheap tryon. i mean its he get away as you get away with it the rest of quality of college but i don't know >> but when it's blatant like that that's the thing you got 10 different angles a replay it's better just to say no comment than to say i don't know you're talking about. in the heat of the moment these are young people they do stuff like that all the time he probably thought hail to stop him right in their tracks with the item or talking about >> how about some the extraordinary that you really see happen. the admission by the germans start german superstar soccer player who actually came out and said that this was a goal that put his team won the zero he said no no p says the raffia know what that was my hand i mean that is unheard of! you know this guy you know this guy and i
7:49 am
know i don't and neither do you >> this is kind of like well alright... to be like the hand of god i remember that player saying i did it? he waited 10 years. this happen at all home stadium that does happen. >> out a dozen, of the he was bidding for the other team >> it said this guy 10 years to admit that it was his hand. so this player coming for this thing you don't know what in the world soccer role i guesses saying they're plotting the guys and good for you lost the game >> he's not writing a book >> is not writing a book! he said such that ball itouch said bonn must take the penalty is one of those... >> who cares right?
7:50 am
>> if my life when on for those 19 years so yours >> the admission by this guy is like in baseball and now i yoli see the player catch the ball and then really it's empty but the refs didn't see it in no they just can raise the gloves as is, can stand up no ball on sorry i did make the tag they never do that! >> your making a big deal out of it my point is if you really one of the noble you do it the next day. >> this guy did >> why did it take 19 years then >> the other added to the hand of god in netted it 19 years later this died during the game he may support kicked up with this team up at 10 and he knows referee a touch it with my hand >> of that's a good guide them on you don't see that in baseball >> no
7:51 am
>> i'm just waking up that's ok >> it's hard to keep up with them >> one thing about hon. arnold schwarzenagger as all the money in the world why is he writing a book detailing all the stuff? >> arnie? everybody writes a book about the book that tells about earlier this week >> of sas list and if you're alone you have to enjoy the made on this day might die everybody doesn't need to read that >> especially when people have kids if they come out of any kind of bug athlete's politicians everyone's across the board everyone needs to come clean >> you only say don't do it
7:52 am
because the kids >> i'm not taking a moral stand on the st do you want that your business but why bring it out or p but to sit on the budget crunch is pouch's across the country where you say you put your hand on her thigh and then what? >> d.c. what you're doing now you just don't jump job fire tug about our schwarzenagger is booked how about the '80s i like the fact they said this horrible record for the most strikeouts but the same time who cares? they won the game and now they have a wild car >> their amazing as too narrow and of the best team in their division >> the number of strikeouts we need to keep track of that? >> the people that registered in the history of baseball they struck out more in one season and they're still winning.
7:53 am
>> banks will talk to later that month by the way nice outfit today >> thank you very much will be right back oñ
7:54 am
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another blow >> another blow to santa cruz county. the restaurant ban will start april 22nd of next year the coalition of back manufacturers is planning to challenge that new law. concerned parents way and after nine year-old girl is growth in almost kidnapped at side an elementary school. a teenager had killed a four year-old father and his nine year-old daughter has pleaded guilty and will have reaction from the family and just a moment. and how hot
7:57 am
is it going to get over the that and it's a few minutes
7:58 am
7:59 am
(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. east bay mill schoolteacher are arrested and accused of having it and of corporate relations with a former student. police shot down and occupy in camp overnight and police with tight we will tell you why police decided to move in on the demonstrators. an agreement has been reached between the nfl and the referees union. we will have more on when the real referee start. first hears weather and traffic >> if it is soft and around the north bay. there's a lot
8:00 am
of dense fog but continue into the afternoon the sunshine will start to reach through. 60's '70's 80's and yes we could see some nineties and the bay area. we will have the temperature is coming out for you in just a bit. >> we have been tracking highway 24 as a hot spot but i'm please report that conditions have changed and dramatically improved. we're back down to 13 and 14 minute drive *. the accident that caused the backup is long gone from that roadway. >> as we move on here are big developing story out of east of san francisco. a teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student. will tran is following the story for us >> parents and students are arriving at the school now many of them not having no
8:01 am
idea what was going on. they were shocked because they believe the teacher whose names is james buckley's jockey was a good guy. this is an ongoing investigation he is accused of having a lewd act with a 14 year-old child. at this point they're not talking to us about the details. we've not know if it was a former or current student at the school. in the meantime parents are reacting to this there is a meeting tonight just so the district and answer some of their questions. we talk to appear this morning the refuse to put a face on camera but here's what she had to say >> of some sheep my daughter loved him i mean i love him he was great. he had great communication wither. at
8:02 am
the parents, i've always heard good positive things about him. >> were you surprised when you heard he was arrested? >> definitely. my daughter to a friend yesterday but we were told it was years ago. i didn't know... i'm just finding out. this is shocking. >> any time this happens when parents involving a teacher. the parents to know him as a mr. hyde he is a big part of the school he teaches two classes here including math and language arts. he is also a coach here at the school. we will bring you more parents' reaction. in the meantime he is in jail and his bail is $1.00,000 even if he makes bail the school district has placed him on administrative leave meaning
8:03 am
he can't return even if he is released from jail. them san francisco police detained incited 40 different people who moved and saying that there is damage to the sidewalk and that it needed to be repaired. >> we came down here to hold a vigil but i don't sleep down here. i've apartment. i come down here just to make sure people are safe and to take care of the people that need to be taking care of. >> were you among the rest of rested? >> i was arrested >> they were cleared and police were told to remain in the area to make sure the protesters did not return. >> the police chase involving three recess backs that started on snyder street when a robber stole a
8:04 am
woman's backpack with and i got inside. he jumped into the backseat of it as tv and the police gave chase. this ended with a crash and debris flying and a child was injured by flying debris. >> it was heartbreaking and sad to see this go on in the community. my son loves the park, he loves to play there. >> the collision cost for injuries including a few innocent bystanders as well as that child they were all taken to the hospital. >> school officials sent a ts telling parents that a student brought a gun to school and showed off to his friends. the boy that told his fellow student not to say anything and not to say into anything to anyone aren't they would get hurt. we ask a parent how we thought the school handle situation. >> then notify us with reminders of the time about
8:05 am
meetings and stuff like that they should at least told us that stuff last night. this is so serious is is really serious this happens every day people bring weapons to school and someone ends up being hurt or killed by it. it is starting to hit the elementary schools. >> kron4 has tried contacting the school but we have been able to on able to get a response so far. >> they're paying attention to what is called a growing prostitution rally hotspots art first and oak stree south of the convention center. san jose police force has been downsized so they are exploring other solutions. >> 100 workers have been tested at yosemite national park to determine whether not they were exposed to the deadly mouse born hanta virus. the majority of the cases reported were after
8:06 am
staying at the village. three have people have died. the workers were told not to discuss the testing. >> the deal was reached with the nfl draft after three weeks of bad calls by inexperience rest. the blown call caused the owners to cave in >> the referees will be back on the field tonight for thursday night football between baltimore and cleveland tonight. they will be playing that game with the regular routes. if you have any complaints see them. i'm sure they will. here's the deal after two days of negotiations at the deal includes a pay raise for the raftreferees. at the pension will be phased into a what 401k. still had a
8:07 am
recall for peanut butter lovers. looking at the bay bridge you can see a lot of fog and a lot of cars will be right back.
8:08 am
8:09 am
doctors around the world are being alerted of the cases of a virus close to stars. earlier this week the world
8:10 am
health organization announced the virus was in a critical man being treated in london. the world health organization says that the man may have been infected directly by animals and that there is no indication it will be spread from human to human. there's been a multistate break out of salmonella poisoning involving peanut butter. valencia creamy salted been a better was the first to be recalled by the manufacturer, this coming after nearly 30 people reported being sickened by salmonella. the company is now expanding their recall to include its on butter and all peanut butter products. if you have this product to throw out or return it. >> the university of
8:11 am
california agreed to pay nearly $1 million total and apologize to settle a lawsuit over a pepper spraying of prose taser protesters and a protest last year. over $30,000 will be paid to each of the plaintiffs in the cage as well as a letter of apology written to each of them by the university's chancellor. the extra ch will be set aside for anyone arrested or sprayed inhe protest. this deal is still subject to court approval. new newthere's s of sunshine as you can see from this camera near mt. tam we'll be back in just a few moments
8:12 am
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8:14 am
for the first time in years is san francisco resident has contracted the west nile virus. an unidentified man did leave the city limits before getting sick. they're not sure if he contracted the virus in san francisco oromewhere else. he did develop encephalitis or spot swelling of the brain but he is home now. >> this is really the tip of the iceberg a lot of people
8:15 am
become infected. one out of five will develop a flu like el meson and one out of 50 will develop encephalitis. >> san francisco's coastal climate keeps the stamforthe mosquito population so much lower. >> according to nasa this is the deep as you of the universe that is ever been seen. this is called extreme deep field and it contains about 5000 galaxies some dating back 15 billion years ago. or as old as the universe itself. the space go took 2000 snapshots of over 10,000 years in order to get this view. this is the deepest damage ever obtained and is only a fraction of what is out
8:16 am
there. all of the galaxies that you see in this area are smaller than a postage stamp if you hold out at arm's length against the night sky. >> taking a look at the mt. tam you can see clouds here arising from the left and our bay bridge camera showing the backup and the fog at the bay bridge. things are really going to change as we are heading for a warm-up. >> right now we have a lot of fog and it is pretty dense in some areas with visibility down to zero in several locations. we will turn a corner with blue skies and sunshine and none of that cloud cover. everyone else looking for to warmer temperatures we could see some low 90s in our warmest and in spots. upper 40's right now for half moon bay 54 out the
8:17 am
door for hayward. the visibility charge of the visibility is at 0 with very poor driving conditions for the one the one into santa rosa. visibility at one and a half miles and pretty dense fog situated at the coastline as well. because of the dense fog there are delays at as at 0 that are up to 77 minutes. you'll want to call and check with your carrier this morning. the temperatures for this afternoon by lunchtime '60s indicated by the grain on your screen. '70s and '80s a long hard is bay. the afternoon highs of around 3:00 p.m. you will see some '90s. the warmth that we have been talking about all week long officially starts today. and the south bay we saw plenty of '70's but today we're in the '80s. 82
8:18 am
degrees in campbell and 81 in santa clara. 77 in palo alto. east bay valleys, antioch the lever know coming in the '90s as well as san leandro. the space soap shore line '70s here. san francisco closer to the seasonal average and 80 in palo the month. the seven day around the bay forecast shows pretty warm conditions. perfect for conditions being outdoors ovesrday and sunday. monday pro be the warmest day of the week with some temperatures climbing up into the '90s. >> there's a new hot spot for the second day in a row is 280 in the south bay. there is extremely heavy traffic moving through downtown. because of the
8:19 am
slow traffic here in the heart of downtown at 280 north 680 southbound is backing up. coming out of milpitas and heading south into downtown san jose. the one on one ride is not too bad, the 880 is also heavy. what had been a hot spot highway 24 is no longer that is good news. the bay bridge is still heavily backed up by all the approaches. is backed by the berkeley career by interstate 880 as well as by the toll plaza on the 880 northbound. we're back by the maze of the 580 coming up on the 24 interchange. remember 24 was backed up because of a crash on amazed not at the bay bridge but that is cleared up finally. the same sale bridge bright there is heavy traffic connecting with a 101 northbound and...
8:20 am
about this time we will see stopping the conditions at the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge ride the 101 southbound is not seem to be quite is heavy coming from marin county. through marin county the northern ride is up to 22 minutes on 11 southbound. >> the teenage driver who hit and killed a father and his young brother with his st pleadedughter. the seven senior rose facing charges of vehicular manslaughter that killed 41 suleiman and his nine year- old daughter. they were riding their bikes on the sidewalk and concord when the 17 year-old lost control of his as tv and slammed into the family. he was driving over 7 mi. an hour at the time. the other daughter was injured but
8:21 am
survived. the family is frustrated but grateful they will not have to deal with a trial. >> we had to bury to family members and now having to deal with this court is just very hard. >> this case was scheduled for next month and because this teenager was prosecuted as a minor he will most likely be released in three years when he turns 21. danny >> strain mary says that life will never be the same and losing her daughter will never be the same. >> i will never hold my little girl again. i will never... cook her favorite meal for her. i will never watch your favorite movie with her. her favorite book,
8:22 am
i will never read it to her. i will never never picked her up after school again. i lost my best friend he was my husband for 15 years. i never had a bad day with him. hwas my prince charming. he was my best friend, he was my hero, we did everything together. >> october 1st as her husband's birthday and they said that they will never be the same again. >> there is a big increase in student loan that we will have the numbers for you coming up. the golden gate bridge there is a lot of fog close to the ground as a way for the warm-up around the bay.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
gop candidate mitt romney will be scheduled around 850 to speak today. we'll keep an eye on that as we as he comes to the podium. >> a record number of
8:26 am
american households have student debt. one in five households according to piu research center said that 19 percent of households have loans from 2010. the average student loan in 2010 has been nearly double as borrowers from 1995. >> campbell soup is getting ready to close two plants. one is here in california. the sacramento plan is expected to close by july of next year. campbell says that it is part of a clcost measuring. i live luckier
8:27 am
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fennel welcome back. the guadeloupe overpass and the 85 is also hurt difficult. >> welcome back. towards saratoga from the allmadone valley . >> warmer conditions expected this afternoon. those clouds will return and the temperatures in the '60s and '70s. as we look towards tomorrow the warming trend will continue. in fact, some locations will even be in the '90s. a breakdown with your extended forecast, coming up. >> this developing story out of the east bay. this suspicion of an inappropriate relationship with a student. will tran
8:31 am
from albany. >> 24 hours after his arrest is still shocking to these parents. they cannot believe it because he has been here since 2008. not only is the a teacher, he is also the athletic director and a coach. he is beloved are round here. we spoke to parents. and instead of saying things-. they said that it is a emotional for them. in fact, listen. >> i have known him for probably five years, 40 years. i have had the girls go to the basketball. with at least four years with him. my husband has coached with them. i think people perhaps need to get the facts. there could be something wrong with this story. there is so many things it is a shock to
8:32 am
everyone. i think that people need to get the fax. x--you can see that she is on the verge of tears week will try to bring that to you like. he is on a $100,000 bail in jail. he is on administrative leave. however, there is no chance that he can return to school even if he makes bail. that news conference is in about one hour. >> thank you. >> the park side elementary school is promising tighter security after this attempted kidnapping. elise,. expressing outrage. with--administrators, on this closed door meeting.
8:33 am
she was able to get free however, parents are angry because they did not find out about this until later that night. >> we wanted a school lockdown. that was my biggest concern. >> this happened at 2:45 students and parents are not been alerted until later, this is disturbing. >> they waited until too long for action. >> school administrators said that parents can expect to see several changes with emergency notification procedures and a security. including they are going to lock the gates. and there is a strict and forme enforcement of new identifications. >> that young boy that has been shot and the chest is finally out of the hospital. the only camera was there as
8:34 am
he was brought out in the wheelchair. with one week in treatment, he was hit with that straight bullet inside of his home. on making road. that-stray bullet gunfire. on his address of macon road. >> this is where he slept. they are all scared that this is going to happen again. my children are afraid. >> it is difficult because i want to find a different house. but i am still in the hospital. it is not possible right now. >> i am going to sleep in my sister's room because no bullets went and her room. >> yes i'm going to share my room. >> he will have that bullet in his liver for the rest of
8:35 am
his life. >> this man, whose son is ksuspected of kidnapping has been convicted of sexual molestation. this young female relative is the alleged victim. he was found not guilty of the second minu--the come victum is also income connection with the disappearance of sierra lamar from the month of march. her dna was found in his car. >> this last update air force will make ground in virginia. he will be going
8:36 am
to virginia beach and about 30 minutes. he's expected to deliver some campaign addresses at virginia beach. and there is a farm bureau concert and a gop candidate, that running mitt romney will also be on the campaign trial. we will be back. c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1c1cq another one killed by lime scale.
8:37 am
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>> welcome back. this first city in california, is banning grocery store plastic bags and now, restaurants. this coalition of manufacturers is backing that ban. >> they're signing legislation for standardized tests requiring students to develop other ways to determine students intelligence such as a subject mastery, graduation and intelligence. >> this recent law also includes not alone docks to
8:40 am
hunt with hunters not allowing the use of dogs. >> also, the leatherback turtles a halhave been on the endangered species list. they can reach the wake of three baby grand pianos and even get to 8 ft. long! they are still wanting to bring awareness to this endangered species. >> traffic, weather, coming up
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> welcome back. at the and a proper relationship with that student and teacher will have details. also, the homeless encampment was cleared out. details on that, coming up and also, the referees locked out is over. tonight, that eight year collecting bargaining will end. and i guess that those regular complaints will start with the regular
8:45 am
referees? law fan [laughter] and in oth stories that we're following. instances, they are following the recreational vehicles. home owners that have complained for several years. and the uncertainty of not knowing who your neighbors are. homeless advocates say that this is not fair. and it makes it being a crime without being with a home. >> and also, the first fleet of shared electric scooters. they operate similar to car shar share. similar, to the scooter share program. it is $5 per hour. and it is
8:46 am
based on hoping to reareduce traffic >>this just in to the kron 4 news room mitt romney is at the podium and he is holding just a brief conference on the campaign stop in springfield. the springfield veterans are hosting this. focusing on the national debt. it rose by at least $5 million. and let us take a quick lesson. >> what a privilege to be there into cent of men, women that love their country. i am privileged to be and the presence of the citizens that have --send off >> and also, hochtief (cheers & applause)
8:47 am
>> i also in honor of last night i was in toledo, ohio. >> again, this is an mitt romney he was in ohio yesterday and president obama was in ohio yesterday. they will be in the battle grounds in virginia today. between now, and november, it is pivotal to gain victory and those states before the election. >> this live look outside. >> coming up that warm up, first, traffic. >> this cool down from those hot spots and traffic. a slight improvement on the right through cupertino and
8:48 am
downtown. heavier west from the 880 interchange. still, quite a bit of congestion from interstate 680. and also across 1 0 1. getting a little bit better. and a concern about the san mateo bridge. this is because of slow traffic from the high rise. through foster city and in san mateo. and also, the 101 south bound typically, heavy through the san mateo hills as it continues west on 92. looking at the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge checking the bridges. still, decent on the east portion. this week,and have not been as bad as the last couple of weeks. and looking towards the bay bridge still at the packed up. finally, the 880 is catching a break. perhaps it could be better but the
8:49 am
880 northbound is still heavy on of san leandro. and to the golden gate. the 101 so far, it is pretty light. and the drive times are over 40 minutes coming out of a bottle. t northern and central and counties and novto.. visibility down at nearly zero and not of but it is starting to decrease with clear conditions for this afternoon. >> certainly, dress in layers to the we're off to a chilly start. and 50s in vallejo. 49 degrees for the current and 58 degrees in antioch. as we take those numbers for this afternoon.
8:50 am
sunshine, blue skies and temperatures by 3:00 p.m. '70s and '80s and dominating. and where we could see and 90's as repressed o'clock towards this evening. 60s as we progress towards this evening. >> similar for this evening and perhaps even a little bit warmer for today 78 in sunnyvale. and a bit cooler in campbell. we could squeeze out 90's antioch, livermore. check out walnut creek. mid 70's, fort san leandro, and elena and as we go towards the north bay.
8:51 am
>> the noon gain today, will be temperatures in the 60s. but the baseball game today, will be hdecent with winds from the west your kron 4 7 day around the bay relatively warm with nine these inland. and upper 60s for the coast. it looks like monday could be the warmest day of the week. >> still ahead, this warfare whale.. rare whale...
8:52 am
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that in the --
8:55 am
>> this could be the famous albino whale last year, this was the only documented white albino whale in the entire world. this rare whale sighting of brisbane, australia. this east bay middle school arrested on having an inappropriate relationship. will tran.. and the n f l block out is over. we will have more on the referees getting back to work with that lock out over--and j kef rowling.. releasing a new book but it is not a harry potter polk.
8:56 am
book as-
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. >> we are waking up to some pretty dense fog and expecting all round sunday in the afternoon. mostly clear skies expected this evening while the full forecast coming up right now was checking with erica. >> to morning to you janu well we are backed up traffic completely stopped at the san a tale bridge. no
9:00 am
accidents across the span just the typical slow going we see each and every day. the solid stretch of read almost over the entire span so expect speeds well under 25 mi. per hour southbound 101 approaching the 92 interchange and down in the south bay it's been a rough ride a portion that 80 interchange. expect slow and go conditions are a way to >> is 9: 01 towe're going to albany to in middle school where a teacher is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student. it will start this press conference will listen in for a minute. >> should i introduce
9:01 am
myself. >> yes you go ahead and start now. >> hi marla stevenson superintendent of the school district thank you all for coming this morning. i want to let the public know that on monday of this week came to my attention that an allegation was made of in proper conduct between day albany middle school teacher and a of a unified school just district students. at that point and time i felt there was enough information to put that teacher on leave and not only for protection of the student's but for his protection as well. the
9:02 am
teacher was placed on leave monday afternoon and i as a mandate reporter the school district reports to the child protective agencies as well as the police department. we made a report to the police department monday evening and subsequently the investigation is in suing. it is my understanding that the teacher was arrested wednesday morning. just to talk a little bit about the school district. we are a small school district of 3800 students. with one high school one middle school and three elementary schools. it is really important as the superintendent to communicate as fairly as i
9:03 am
can. this community is extremely close to an incredibly supportive of our school district. in advance of the press conference when we learned of the teachers a rest yesterday. i went immediately over to the middle school and met with the staff. as part of that staff meeting we talked about the importance of maintaining a physical and emotional safety of our students. so we put into place a plan of support. we are a very lucky school district in that we have a mental health administrator here, mental health intern's who are in all of our schools. we did not need to redeploy our intern's get
9:04 am
our coscounselors we have them at the school presently. the availability of council support services at the middle school because obviously when they see the press there at the middle school and read what's going on either the social media or the newspaper there is always the concern the description of school and the sense that students are no longer set. because we're really cognizant of wanting to protect all our students. >> to prince intendant stevenson can you talk about the teacher. >> can you talk about his employment and how long he has been there. yes >> the teacher began to work for us as a substitute
9:05 am
long-term substitute in 2007 and was hired as a sixth grade teacher in 2008. he was very active at the middle school. he was involved in our students leadership program, our athletic coordinator, coaching seventh grade volleyball and eighth graders basketball. clippe >> our consent servitor of the victims out there in the school or there are other instances or is this an isolated incident. >> i really cannot comment on that. i can tell you this that we will cooperate in any way possible with the ongoing police investigation. we have put in place a meeting tonight with the teachers sixth grade class, as well as the volleyball team that he coaches. it is really important that we assure our
9:06 am
parents of the concern we have and a certain safety measures we are going to put in place. >> i cannot comment on that i do not know the complete details on the investigation at this point. >> the report came to the high school. >> is this a current student at the middle school or former students. >> i can tell you this that is a current student in the district. >> is this something that happened recently. >> i cannot comment on that i just do not know enough at this point. when i get any type of information. >> as soon as we knew on
9:07 am
monday the investigation was handed over to the police department. >> contacted you. >> the high school principal. >> who call the high school principal. >> i do not know i cannot comment. >> some parents are outraged and wondering how the school district let this happen. they should have made my stepchildren say is what some parents may say how we respond to that. >> we follow of a protocol established for best practices in mçó4+y?i
9:08 am
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the good news we're starting to see more shuffling from those coming from the maze. we are dealing with poor visibility killing of coming out of the north bay however skeezer doing pretty well every single or 50 mi. an hour. >> 9: 23 coming up on the kron for morning news out of 15 year old boy died in connection with something he saw on you to your watch this if you are a parent. for a live look outside here you can hardly see from our
9:23 am
mount tam cam. >>
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> and habakku live pwe are bac >> folks will have to get back to work we have a lot of work to do to make the middle class security. but the question is whose plan is better for you. i know some in the crowd may be a little bias but i also want to speak to the audience who may be seeing this over the television. my opponent is a big believer in top down economics. he thinks that if you just spend another five trillion dollars on tax cuts that favor the wealthiest americans. if you get rid of
9:27 am
more regulations on wall street's then jobs and prosperity will rain down on everyone. we will live happily ever after. but there is a problem with this we just tried this. we tried in the last decade before i was elected president. >> fresno, talking loud to a crowd in virginia beach. we will take a quick break is 9: 28 we will be right back. hi, i'm amy for downy unstopables
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9:30 am
picture he's 28 years ago has been a teacher there since 2007. he has been placed on administrative leave so school process is over. joining is marla stevenson as school superintendent. >> you seem very devastated by this whole process putting him on the minister did leave is to be tricky and the students are protected. >> yes once an allegation of misconduct is made the district wants to ascertain that is credible. needs to protect both the student and teacher involved so we place the teacher on administrative leave until the process unfolds. at this point we know that an arrest has been made but charges have not been filed. we are in a state of an
9:31 am
knowingness. >> he has been accused of doing a lewd act on a 14 year-old or even younger child. is a former student, current student, do we know anything about this. >> i cannot comment i did turn this over to the police department and their investigation is proceeding. >> do you know him personally. some parents are out raged some of them are even in tears. that's how lucky he is. >> yes i know him personally as a superintendent i am devastated on devastating for the district for the community, for our students, and for our staff. we hope that this process concludes rapidly. in the meantime we have one focus and that is to make sure our students are physically and emotionally safe. >> thank you so much they
9:32 am
plan to have a meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. at the school to talk to parents. many of them knew about this because letters were sent home as well as the males. however there were some parents caught off guard by this will bring you more of this coverage coming up at 5:00. in the meantime he has not been charged and we're waiting to hear from the albany police department back to you mark. >> here's another development story does not coming to us from oklahoma police are on the scene basically a manhunt. we have live pictures jackie sissel. >> we will give jackie a moment to do that he has not had a chance to talk to police yet. >> oakland police had a brief chase with a suspect the chase ended in a crash at 12 and adeline. he was seen fleeing on foot in the neighborhood of the direction
9:33 am
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:39 am
>> let's talk about republican candidate mitt romney struggling around the battle said by will. voters are casting a lowly ballots for the present presidential race. the presence polling edge in iowa is so wide that it has prompted grumbling
9:40 am
among republicans who fought mitt romney. it is i was six votes could be pivotal for the race if it becomes close. >> the first presidential debate is coming up next week in denver colorado. we will air the debate in its entirety. you can tune to comcast channel 193. >> ninth column for one and police are swarming a neighborhood in west oakland we will tell you why in just a couple of minutes we are live from the scene.
9:41 am
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9:44 am
police car chase. why are they looking for this guy. >> i am at 12 and chestnut from the emeryville police department where we just got briefed from john l. watson from the oakland police department. it was around 8:00 this morning. a police ran into a suspect who was wanted to this morning. once the officer may contact the gentleman was in a car he took off eventually the car crashed with the suspect inside of it he got out of the car and took off on foot into the neighborhood. basically they have everything from adeline to lyndon and from 12th street to 14th street completely shut down. the middle school is on lock down right now.
9:45 am
the police are going to the neighborhood and in the back of houses with canines in search of the suspect. it does not appear that anyone was injured in this i can tell you that at least one of the school is on lockdown. they continue to search for the suspect if we have any new information will pass along our it. >> i know that they would not tell you what he was wanted for. do you know if the person was dangerous are armed. >> i had to come into the live shot so i did not get the entire briefing. but she would not say what he was wanted for. at that point when the suspect may contact with the officer he was considered worthy enough to go after. >> and the school under lockdown to for safety to our right thanks allot jacket. >> the bay area traffic
9:46 am
right now janu with an update. thank you mark we are still dealing with some of the fault from our cam you concede that it has improved. all-around sunny skies is afternoon and warmer temperatures in yesterday's even warmer into the weekend. it was the 90s on the board. however we are still dealing with areas of low visibility. 2 mi. in oakland tracking the fault for you you can see still hugging those bay shores by about 12 we will see plenty of sunshine slowly pushing along the coast about 7:00 this evening. and will continue into the overnight hours. we are dealing with '50s and '60s right now then by about noontime we will see a lot of eighties. which is indicated by the large color on your screen. the '90s indicated by the red color on your screen.
9:47 am
starting off in the south bay getting some low 80s there looks at moscow's san jose. nine is on the board for antioch and livermore. stow 6 is for half moon bay into the north bay pierre it 83 for net of 81 for the lotto at 83 expect for santa rosa. as we take a look a your 7 day around the bay things will really want starting tomorrow and to the weekend 90s on the board. the low eighties for the bay in the upper 60s are expected the time right now is 9: 48. >> what janu we are still backed up here at the bay bridge toll plaza we're seeing more movement from those of westbound 85. the shocker is the real backed up coming from the nimitz freeway. we are content dealing with a metering lights. here at the san mateo bridge retracting this
9:48 am
as a hot spot but it looks like better conditions west bound out towards foster city and the golden gate bridge southdown 101 is telling dealing with pretty dense fog drive with extra caution. and over to our traffic match the east shore freeway still a bit sluggish approaching the interchange. westbound 580 ride around broadway looks like we have a slowing go conditions. and as we turn our attention to the 586 interchange slowly this morning we are seeing a lot of green on our road sensors and cou be in southern californa a 16 year-old has died after he mimics something he saw on you too. the teen died on tuesday after a freak accident he made himself passed out he then fell onto a drinking glass that
9:49 am
slashed his throat. the team reportedly lost consciousness and was assisted by friends and family before paramedics arrived. one in 16 kids have experimented with similar passed out gains at least once. >> a bay area woman whose husband and daughter were killed in an accident in concord last april is speaking out now. she says that life will never be the same after losing her daughter and husband and it has been devastating. >> i have a big hole in my heart. >> for the mother's life will never be the same she shared with me that losing her daughter has been devastating. >> i will never hold my little girl again, i will never cook her favorite meal for her. i would never watch
9:50 am
her favorite movie, her favorite book i will never read it to her. i would never pick her up after school again. >> and then there is a loss of her husband. >> i lost my best friend he was my husband for 15 years. i never had a bad day with him. he was my prince charming. he was my best friend, my hero we did everything together. >> heard donna hanna also shared her thoughts. we used to go bike riding me and my sister and father. we were best friends. i remember when she was born i used to take care of her. she would sleep next to me in my room we used to make videos. >> both the mother and sister go to the grave every
9:51 am
day to pay their respects. the mother says next month will be even harder october 1st is her husband's birthday. >> time now is 9: 51 will be back in a couple of minutes.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
9:55 am
>> " lacks the kron 4 news a developing story. the stories regarding the referees and the referees are to come back tonight. >> will see what happens with tonight's game. >> the at oakland athletics making magic taking on the texas rangers who are first in first place in the american league. the a's
9:56 am
with a great game last night and pick up the 9-3 when they break old record the most strikeouts in the season 1325 games by the athletics. right now they are playing the rangers again this evening. >> and police as you can see are swarming a west oakland never would right now after a car chase that ended in a crash. they are looking for a suspect at 12 and add a line streets they will not say who the suspect he is or why they are looking for him. but the charges--they have a nearby school locked down and are searching for the suspect. >> thanks for joining us on this thursday morning more of the hot weather coming up here to out the afternoon
9:57 am
and are 247 bay area news channel. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
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today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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